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Siberian Husky Dogs

Picture of 2 Siberian huskies

2 blue eyed Siberian husky friends

Siberian husky dogs were originally bred in Siberia for the purpose of sledding. While most people tend to think of only white or grey Siberian huskies, this breed of dogs actually comes in a wide variety of coat colors. In fact, Siberian husky puppies can present a veritable rainbow of colors. One of the most striking features of these dogs are their eyes. Many have very vivid blue eyes while others have one blue eye and one brown eye.


The Siberian husky is a medium sized dog with a thick coat. As adults, Siberian husky dogs average a weight of about 50 pounds. Because of the fact that husky dog types are capable of pulling for hours, it is considered to be a dog with extreme stamina. When considering a Siberian husky as a pet, it should be noted that Siberian huskies do not perform well without a leash. Uncontrolled, a Husky can be off and gone in no time at all.


Prospective husky owners should know that huskies shed about twice per year. These dogs tend to be affectionate and are known to be tolerant of children, making them an ideal choice as a family pet as long as they are kept in a secure location and on leash when not in a secure location.


Ideal weight: 17-27 kg
Average height: 50-60 cm
Life expectancy: 12-15 years


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