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Picture of a rottweiler

Rottweiler taking a stroll

Rottweilers are large dogs that originated in Germany as a working cattle dog.


Rottweilers have a short dense coat that makes it easy to care for. Prospective rottweiler owners should be aware of the fact that this breed of dog does tend to shed periodically throughout the year.


Rottweilers are frequently seen without tails. Originally, rottweiler puppies had their tails removed shortly after birth to prevent any infection that might occur due to the collection of mud and debris. Today unfortunately, tails are frequently bobbed because that is a preferred look for most rottweiler owners.


Rottweilers usually weigh about 95 pounds, although they can weigh as much as 110 pounds or more. This breed of dog is known to be very intelligent and playful.


The rottweiler may not be a suitable pet for families with children as they can be somewhat aggressive. Even Rottweilers that are not particularly aggressive still may be dangerous around children due to their heavy weight and extreme strength. Individuals who are considering Rottweiler dogs as prospective pets should be aware that this dog requires an extreme amount of training and should never be let off a leash in public or allowed to be loose.


Ideal weight: 40-42 kg
Average height: 56-68 cm
Life expectancy: around 10 years


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