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Newfoundland dogs are a working class of dogs hailing from Newfoundland, Canada. This particular breed of dogs is well known for its sweet, loyal disposition. The Newfoundland has also gained a wide reputation for its natural water rescue capabilities, due to its webbed feet and rather water-resistant coat. While Newfoundland dogs were originally bred in Canada they have gained a worldwide following.


Adult male Newfoundlands weigh in at around 65 pounds. They are considered to be part of the giant dog range because of their weight. Called Newfies by some admirers, Newfoundland dogs come in a variety of colors and markings. The most common is black, however, brown, grey and black with white markings can also be found.


Most Newfoundland dogs have quite a gentle, calm nature. They are also known to be very protective of children. While Newfies make great family pets, they are not necessarily good pets for families that live in small spaces, such as apartments, due to their large size.


If you consider a Newfoundland dog as a potential pet you should be aware that this breed does tend to suffer from hip displacia. It’s always best to ensure that a puppy’s parents do not suffer from such a problem before bringing a new pet home.


Ideal weight: 45-65 kg
Average height: 65-75 cm
Life expectancy: upto 10 years


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