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Maltese Dogs

Picture of a Maltese dog

A Maltese dog yawning

Maltese dogs are considered to be part of the toy dog class and take their name from the region of Malta, where they were originally bred. Long hair Maltese dogs are covered with long silky white hair. Most Maltese dogs possess an affectionate gentle nature. These dogs are also well known for their trusting nature and lively, playful attitude.


The small size of long hair Maltese dogs makes them an ideal companion for individuals who live in small apartments. While long hair Maltese dogs are known for their friendly affectionate natures, they are not recommended as pets for children unless adults can provide supervision. This is because some Maltese dogs tend to be intolerant of children.


Long hair Maltese dogs weigh in at an average of five pounds. Their long coats do require routine maintenance. In order to achieve maximum appearance, long hair Maltese dogs should receive daily brushing. Some owners prefer to tie up the long hair of their Maltese dog in a top-knot for easier maintenance and care. Maltese puppies have considerably shorter hair, with the longer coat coming in later.


If you are considering a Maltese dog as a pet, you should remember that this type of dog was bred specifically for companionship. For this reason, Maltese dogs do not do well when left alone for several hours.


Ideal weight: 3-4 kg
Average height: 20-25 cm
Life expectancy: around 15 years


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