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Picture of a labrador

Black labrador

The Labrador dog is one of several types of retriever dog. It is commonly referred to as simply a Lab. Due to this dog’s friendly and intelligent personality, Labradors are frequently used as a service dog. It is believed that this dog’s breeding originated in Newfoundland.


An average mature male Labrador dog weighs about 70 pounds and is considered to be in the large class of dogs. This type of dog is seen with three different coat colors. The most common is black, however, yellow and brown or chocolate are also common.


Labradords are very popular in both the United States and the UK, however, varieties within the two countries tend to differ somewhat. In England, this dog tends to be somewhat smaller, with shorter, stockier bodies.


While Labradords are relatively easy going and even gentle, this breed does tend to be prone to chewing, so careful training should be given to Labrador puppies to discourage this activity.


Labradords tend to have relatively few health problems and are known to live long lives with proper health care and maintenance. It should be noted that a Labrador that is allowed to become overweight, may suffer from hip displacia.


Ideal weight: 25-35 kg
Average height: 53-60 cm
Life expectancy: 10-12 years


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