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Jack Russell Terriers

Picture of a jack russell terrier

A jack russel puppy

Jack Russell terriers fall under the working class of terrier breeds. This type of dog was bred specifically for hunting and is still used quite frequently for this purpose. There are four different types of jack russell terriers. These types are the parson russell terrier, Australian jack russell terrier, russell terrier and jack russell terrier. The differences between the different types of this breed are usually only minute.


Jack Russells were first bred in England by a parson of the same name, thus resulting in the name Parson Jack Russell Terrier for some types of this breed. The first breeding of the jack russell was to produce a dog with high stamina for fox hunting purposes. Later, shorter-legged varieties of the same breed were developed.


Jack Russell terriers are usually somewhat short in height. They are usually white with markings of tan or black, although some jack russells may be more tricolor in appearance. This type of dog is considered to be quite intelligent with high amounts of energy (too much energy for some people).


While Jack Russell terriers are known to be gentle for the most part, most such dogs do require training on a consistent basis and frequent exercise to curb any natural aggressive tendencies.


Ideal weight: 6-8 kg
Average height: 25-30 cm
Life expectancy: around 15 years


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