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How to Train a Dog

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In order to enjoy your new dog the most and ensure that he stays safe it is important to learn how to train a dog properly. There are numerous different types of dog training aimed at different purposes. Learning how to train a dog requires time and patience.


Dog obedience training is one of the most popular and common types of dog training. This type of training focuses on teaching a dog how to obey certain commands as well as control less desirable traits in a dog. Other types of dog training focus on instilling dogs with certain skills such as how to protect and guard as well as act as service and guide dogs.


When learning how to train a dog, it’s necessary to learn how to properly use commands as well as tools that can make training easier. Dog barking is a frequent complaint of many dog owners as a barking dog that barks in excess can be annoying to both owners and neighbors alike. Excessive barking control with a dog whistle is the aim of many dog owners who enroll their pets in training.


Ideally, dog training should begin when a dog is still a puppy. This is important in order to eliminate puppy biting as well as to properly house train a puppy. Individuals can learn how to train a puppy by either reading books on the subject or enrolling in a puppy training classes. These classes are frequently sponsored by veterinarian offices, pet supply stores and pet adoption centers. There are also numerous different books, CDs and DVDs available on the subject of how to house train a puppy.


Dog training has become an especially important issue following several well publicized dog attacks upon humans. While not all dog breeds are necessarily vicious, it is important to necessary that any dog has the potential to be aggressive under the right or wrong circumstances. Taking the time to learn how to train a dog can prevent otherwise beloved dogs from turning into mean dogs. Even with proper training, however, it is important to understand that some dog breeds may still need to be kept on a leash in public areas and may not be appropriate as children’s pets.


Violent means of dog training are highly discouraged. It is quite possible to learn how to train a dog without using punishment as negative reinforcements. Rewards and positive reinforcement are more preferable. The Dog Whisperer present natural non-violent methods of learning how to train a dog.


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