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Picture of a greyhound

A greyhound dog at rest

Greyhound dogs are one of the fastest animals on land, capable of reaching speeds up to 45 miles per hour. This type of dog is unfortunately used for racing due to their aerodynamic build and speed capability. The greyhound has also been used for hunting, although racing remains the most popular use for this dog.


Greyhound dogs come in a wide variety of colors, which more than 30 colors recognized. Color combinations include black, red, blue, grey, white, brindle and fawn. The Greyhound is particularly easy to care for due to its short coat and lack of undercoat. The greyhound averages a weight of about 65 pounds.


This type of dog is known to have a sweet, gentle nature and make excellent companion dogs. They get along well with their human companions as well as other domestic animals. While the greyhound makes a fine family pet, most Greyhound dogs are still bred for the purpose of racing. In fact, many Greyhounds only find their way into domestic homes after they are unable to continue their racing careers. Unfortunately many Greyhounds live a life of mistreat and abandonement by their race-loving owners after their racing careers are finished (if you are thinking about adopting a greyhound, have a look at this greyhound rescue website)


When considering greyhound dogs as a potential pet it should be noted that greyhounds require specialized veterinary care due to their unusual blood chemistry.


Ideal weight: 28-32 kg
Average height: 70-75 cm
Life expectancy: 10-12 years



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