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The German shepherd

Picture of a Germand sheppard

A German shepherd

The German shepherd is known to be keenly intelligent and can be easily trained. Because of this they do well for protection and are commonly used in search and rescue as well as military and police efforts. Other uses include guarding and guide/service work.


There are two varieties of German shepherds, short haired or long haired with a variety of different colors. The most common are tan and brown, although solid and black and white have also been noted. While The German shepherd is a working dog, it is also a popular show dog, which different kennel clubs presenting different standards. As a result there are several German shepherd lines, for both working and show classes.


Although some German shepherds have been known to have aggressive tendencies, with proper training and control most German shepherds have a consistent temperament. Proper training given to German shepherd puppies and an understanding of how to control this dog breed should help to eliminate any aggressive problems.


With proper health care and maintenance, most German shepherds live long healthy lives. They are prone to hip problems, like many larger classes of dogs and as a result, all efforts should be given to keep German shepherd dogs trim with a good diet and sufficient exercise.


Ideal weight: 35-47 kg
Average height: 55-65 cm
Life expectancy: 12-15 years



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