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The French Mastiff

French Mastiff

French Mastiff


The French Mastiff is often called the Bordeaux bulldog, it has had a checkered history as a war dog and a protector.

The gene pool was severely diminished during the French revolution of 1879, as the revolutionaries killed many of them as they protected the families of their noble owners.

As a breed they have in the last thirty years become popular outside of France . Historically the dog was not the same dog as today selective breeding has made the dog calmer.


The distinguishing feature of the French Mastiff is the red or black mask around the nose and the lips, which extends to the rim of its eye. The head size is also crucial when the dog is being bought for show purposes, its circumference must be within a certain band size, of 27-30 inches (68-75cm) and the muzzle should be less than a third of the size of the head. It is one of the smaller mastiffs as it rarely reaches over 150 lbs (67kg).


Today the French mastiff is a calm and gentle dog, but he is capable of being confrontational with strangers. Historically the breed has been far more ferocious than it is today, like the Doberman, selected breeding has softened the temperament. However the males will not tolerate other males, even trying to bring them up together from puppies is rarely successful.


Although as a breed they need lots of exercise this is a dog that can cope with apartment living.


As it has a tendency to be aggressive with other dogs it should be taught from a very young puppy to accept and tolerate other dogs, if this has not been done correctly and reinforced then the dog as a breed is a loner.

Ideal weight: 110-150 pounds/ 50-67 kg
Average height: 24-30 inches / 61-76 cm
Life expectancy: 10-12 years


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