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The Bull Mastiff was bred in England from the mastiff with the intention of creating the perfect guard dog (to track and detain poachers):

  • 60 percent English Mastiff
  • 40 percent Bulldog (the bulldog was then a different dog it was leaner and very athletic)


Although it's a modern breed, a working dog with pure blood lines is difficult to find as these days they are used an companions. English bull mastiffs are incredibly gentle with children and very even-tempered. However they are too enormous a dog to be suitable for a house with small children. Once aroused they can be aggressive although they do not arouse easily.


They are shorthaired and require little more than an occasional brush.


They can be lazy and if walked night and morning it is not unknown for them to "pass out" in the shade during the day. They do not like humid conditions preferring the cool. They do adapt to apartments and they can be left alone during the day. They do need the two walks to keep them fit and healthy.


They do need to have their training reinforced, as they are too big and powerful to be allowed to be loose cannon!

Ideal weight: 100-133 pounds/ 45-60 kg
Average height: 24-27 inches / 61-69 cm
Life expectancy: 8-10 years


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