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It is important to recognize that while dogs can provide a great amount of enjoyment to their masters, proper dog care is imperative to ensure the happiness and health of any dog. There are numerous components necessary to proper dog care, including health care and training.

Grooming is one of the first aspects of dog care that come to mind. Some dogs need to be groomed more then others. Read all about dog grooming here: How to Groom a Dog Correctly.

Dog obedience training is important to insure the manageability and safety of your pet. While all dogs will bark from time to time and for various reasons, excessive annoying dog barking can be managed with proper training. Training is also important for new pet owners to learn how to take care of a dog properly. There are numerous types of training available for pets and pet owners, including a nonviolent program known as the dog whisperer.

One of the most common health ailments of many dogs is skin problems. Learning proper dog skin care is therefore extremely important in order to lessen these irritating problems. Over the counter dog care products as well as products that can be obtained through your vet can help to eliminate problems such as fleas and parasites. In some cases, itching may not be due to fleas but rather to a lacking diet or even allergies. Ensuring that your pet receives a well balanced diet can help to eliminate some problems. Your vet will able to recommend products that can relieve itching related to allergies.

While routine health care and maintenance can eliminate some problems, dogs will suffer from common health ailments at some time or another. A sick dog will frequently present symptoms that are similar to sick humans such as coughing, sneezing, fever, lethargy and a reduced appetite. If an animal does not show improvement within a day or two, a vet should be consulted for professional dog care.

Taking the time to ensure that your pet receives a well-balanced and nutritious diet will help to ensure that they do not suffer many common health ailments also that they do not become overweight. Fat dogs tend to suffer from many common issues such as hip displacement.

Some dog breeds tend to suffer more than others from eye problems, therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to issues such as dog eye care. In some cases it may be necessary to use prescription eye drops and it’s always a good idea to look out for early signs of cataracts and blindness, seeking professional help at early symptoms.


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