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There are literally hundreds of different types of dog breeds, making the selection of a dog as a pet quite a difficult choice. Breeds of dogs can be separated into several different classifications. These categories primarily include Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding. Dogs can also be further classified into other dog types, such as field dogs, show dogs, guard dogs and service dogs. Some dogs perform better in certain categories than others.


  Beagles   Jack Russell Terrier
  Border Collie   Labradors
  Boston Terrier   Maltese Dogs
  Blue Heeler Dogs   Mastiff
  Boxer Dogs   Molosser
  Bulldogs   Neapolitan Mastiff
  Burmese Mountain Dog   Newfoundland Dogs
  Cairn Terriers   Pitbull
  Chihuahua Dogs   Pugs
  Dachshund Dogs   Poodles
  Dalmatian   Rat Terrier
  Doberman   Rottweilers
  English Mastiff   Siberian Husky Dogs
  English Bull Mastiff   Staffordshire Bull       Terrier
  French Mastiff   Terriers
  German Shepherd   Tibetan Mastiff
  Great Dane   Yorkshire Terrier
  Golden Retriever   Teacup Yorkshire       Terrier
  Greyhound Dogs


While many people prefer pure bred dogs, mixed breed dogs can also make fine family pets, although they may never be able to become registered show dogs. In truth, many of the finest registered dog breeds are actually the result of careful mixed breeding in order to obtain specific characteristics.


Other kinds of dogs are bred primarily for the purpose of companionship. Many of these types of dogs are miniature dog breeds because they can be easily cared for and do not require a lot of space. This type of dog is idea for individuals who live in small apartments. These breeds of dogs include Chihuahua, Maltese and several types of terriers. Some people also consider Dachshund dogs, also known as wiener dogs, to be a type of miniature dog. While not a toy dog, the pug dog is known for its gentle playful nature and makes a great companion.


Other types of dogs are bred specifically for working purposes. In some cases this may take on the form of search and rescue or guide work. Dogs that fall into this category include blue heeler dogs, labradors, golden retrievers and Siberian husky dogs. Boxer dogs and Newfoundland dogs also fall into the working class of dogs. Greyhound dogs are capable of achieving speeds up to 45 miles per hour and are commonly used for racing purposes (something I don't really like).


The sporting classification of dogs typically includes dogs that are bred for the purpose of hunting. These dogs include Spaniels, Setters and Retrievers. The Jack Russell dogs and the Beagle dog breeds were also specifically developed for hunting. Bulldogs fall into the non-sporting classification of dog breeds.


When considering a dog as a pet, it is important to obtain as much dog breed info as possible about that specific type of dog. A well informed and researched owner will be better able to care for and understand their pet. As all types of dogs can have the potential to be overly exuberant, dog training may be necessary in order to ensure that an animal behaves appropriately. This is particularly true with certain types of dog breeds, such as pitbull dogs.


Finally, be sure to take the time to understand the necessary types of equipment that a new pet will need in order to be healthy and happy. Such equipment typically includes items such as dog food, dog beds and training equipment; however, it may be necessary to invest in specific types of equipment for certain dog breeds. Researching information about dog breeds can help you to learn which types of equipment will be best for your new pet.


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