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Choosing a Dog

Choosing a dog is an important decision for any individual or family, especially considering the many different types of dog breeds available. There are actually hundreds of types of breeds, some of which are merely variations of certain types of dogs. Unfortunately, many people do not give much thought into their choice of a dog and simply choose from the many free puppies that are given away each year. As a result, you may select a puppy that is not appropriate for your lifestyle and the dog may end up being abandoned.


Adopt a dog is another popular way of choosing a dog, one which is high recommended by animal rescue shelters. The dogs in adoption shelters may be lost dogs are may have been placed there as the result of being removed from an abusive home or after having been abandoned by prior owners who lost interest in their pets. In some cases, animals from adoption shelters may have health issues resulting from prior abuse, but they are generally good pets with affectionate personalities.


When choosing a dog for family purposes, especially families with small children, it is important to focus on several factors. First, the dog selected should be one that is well known to be tolerant and protective of children with large amounts of patience. Ideally the dog should not be overly largely or strong, as such a dog could easily overpower a small child. Many people believe that toy varieties and very small dogs may ideal pets for children, however, this is not always the case. Not all small dogs are good companions for children. Especially high strung dogs, like Chihuahuas, may not be good pets for kids.


When choosing a dog, prospective owners should also take into consideration the amount of maintenance and care they are prepared to provide. Some dogs require more maintenance and care than others. Short hair breeds typically require less maintenance and grooming than long hair breeds.


The fact that many dogs present allergy problems should also be taken into consideration. This does not necessarily mean however that an individual with dog allergies should not own a dog. Some dogs are actually considered to be hypoallergenic and present less of a problem to individuals with allergies than other dogs.


Finally, when choosing a dog, owners should understand the background as well as sire and dam history of any dog they consider, looking for prospective health problems that could show up in their new pet.

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