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Chihuahua dogs are the smallest breed of all dogs. This dog takes its name from a region in Mexico. There are actually two varieties of chihuahua dogs. These varieties are the longcoat chihuahua and the smoothcoat chihuahua.


Chihuahua dogs are well known for their loyalty and because of their small size they make ideal house pets for individuals who live in small apartments. Due to certain quirks within their personality, chihuahuas may not be suitable pets for children however. When cared for properly, chihuahuas can live up to 15 years or longer.


If you consider a chihuahua as a potential pet, you should be aware of the fact that chihuahuas can be difficult to housetrain and sometimes take their loyalty to one human master to the extreme. In some cases, a Chihuahua may focus so much of their attention and loyalty on one human that they may even become jealous toward other humans in their master’s life. Chihuahuas are quite healthy for the most part, however, they do tend to suffer from eye infections and skin irritations.


Chihuahuas are very small in size, with the average Chihuahua weighing only about 7 pounds. Some Teacup chihuahuas weigh even less. Chihuahua puppies are extremely small with scrunched faced and coats that are far lighter than adult chihuahua dogs.


Ideal weight: 1-3 kg
Average height: 14-23 cm
Life expectancy: 15 years and more



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