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The Burmese Mountain Dog

The Burmese mountain dog was originally developed to guard temples in Burma. Because of this, the dog is sometimes referred to as the Burmese Temple dog. This dog is known to be easy to train and is an obedient and friendly dog, however, it is typically reserved with unknown persons. The dog is distinguished from other dogs by the V-shaped dark patch located on its chest. Generally, these dogs are brown with black patches.


Mature male Burmese mountain dogs average about 85 pounds in weight and ranks in the medium class of dogs. It is muscular and strong with great amounts of endurance. They are also capable of achieving a fair amount of speed. Compared to other breeds of dogs, the Burmese mountain dog is relatively rare. Beyond their guarding capabilities, Burmese Mountain dogs are also known to be good at ferreting small game.


The short hair of this dog makes this dog relatively easy to care for as a domestic pet. As this dog also gets along well with children, it makes a good choice as a family pet with small children. Owners will also find that the Burmese mountain dog is easy to train.



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