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Picture of a bulldog

A bulldog

Bulldogs, also known as English bulldogs, hail from England and are considered to be medium sized dogs. The bulldog is set apart from other types of dogs by their thick, low-slung bodies, short faces and wide shoulders.


Contrary to popular opinion, the bulldog is not a particularly vicious breed of dog. Aggressive tendencies were eventually bred out of the breed.


While the other breed of bulldogs hail from England, French bulldogs were originally bred in France. Smaller than the English bulldog, the French bulldog has an average weight of bout 25 pounds. Though smaller in stature, the French bulldog is otherwise very similar in appearance, other than their naturally short tails and ears that stand straight up, commonly referred to as bat ears.


An adult bulldog has an average weight of about 50 pounds. Anyone considering this breed of dogs as pets should know that this type of dog does tend to have several health problems such as breathing problems. It is widely believed that the short flat face of the bulldog restricts breathing. Due to their short bodies, the bulldog breed does have problems swimming and should not be left alone and unsupervised near pools and bodies of water. Bulldog puppies have a tendency to get stuck in the birth canal due to their large heads, making a C-section birth necessary for many bulldog births. With proper supervision, bulldogs make fine pets.


Ideal weight: 22-25 kg
Average height: 30-40 cm
Life expectancy: 8-10 years


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