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A blue heeler

Blue heeler dogs are also known as Australian Cattle dogs as well as Red Heelers and Queensland heelers. It ranks as a medium class dog and is noted for its independence and boundless amounts of energy. The fact that this dog is a hard worker makes is a strong favorite as a herding dog.


Blue heelers come in a variety of coat colors and markings. The most common are red speckle and blue. This dog frequently has a mask over its face with a patch over one or both eyes. A white stripe down the center of the face and nose is also quite common. Blue heeler dogs have an average weight of about 45 pounds.


Blue heeler dogs were originally developed to be a herding dog. Due to the fact that they are also naturally cautious, they are also good guard dogs. While blue heelers are not naturally aggressive, they generally perform their herding duties by nipping at the heels. Because of this it may be necessary for such dogs receive specialized training so they do not nip children or other animals when not herding. Blue heeler dogs tend to become easily bored with repetition, so brief frequent training sessions help owners and trainers achieve optimum performance.


Ideal weight: 15-17 kg
Average height: 42-50 cm
Life expectancy: 12-15 years


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