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Picture of a beagle

A beagle in action

Beagles belongs to the hound group and has traditionally been used for rabbit hunting. They are well known for their gentle disposition, however, beagles are also known to be quite stubborn.


Beagles come in a wide variety of colors. The most common is the tricolor, which consists primarily of white with large light brown and black spots. Two color varieties are also common, consisting of light tight known as lemon, red and dark brown as well ticked coats. It is interesting to note that some colors do not fully appear on beagles until they are one or two years old. Brown is normally the last color to fully develop in beagle puppies.


The beagle dog is a scented working dog, which means that it follows a trail by scent (they are often used by the police for drug detection). Because of this it is imperative that a beagle not be let off its leash. Without a lead, a beagle may catch a scent and follow it directly into danger.


Beagles are very social animals and are happiest when they are around people or together in pairs. For the most part, beagles do not suffer from many health issues. The most common health problem with beagles is obesity, which can be managed with a sensible diet. Beagles been known to live up to 15 years when provided with routine health care and maintenance. They are best cared for with a good diet and plenty of exercise.


Ideal weight: 11-13 kg
Average height: 35-41 cm
Life expectancy: 12-15 years


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